I used my LJ to document happy memories and good times, but from 2013 until now, I rarely wear lolita and things are complicated! Relationships, work, money, everything. There is so much dramas and really nothing that happy or interesting to write on here.

I'll still be on here to stalk egl sometimes, but I won't be updating my journal anymore! Thanks for following me for so long.
Might post my co-ords on Lacebook/Daily_Lolita still or something. Idk. I don't really care about anything other than Facebook these days haha...

I'll be at Enchanted if anyone is going to that.

Bye byeeeee xxx

(If we genuinely have stuff in common other than lolita and you'd like to stay in touch with me, please PM me for my Facebook! ♥)

Twinkle Carnival!

I finally got to wear my dream dress out...


I had fun at Hyper Japan! I didn't buy much (bought a weird DVD called Gyo based on the Junji Ito horror manga. It was really weird and and hilarious and awful at the same time hahaha.)

Finished Walking Dead season 3 too...So intense! I really love how the characters have developed this season, such an improvement from season 2 since you actually fear and care about characters now.

Brrr I can't wait to go to Canada!!! ONLY 12 DAYS LEFT! *_* Looking forward to meeting some of the Toronto lolita community hopefully!

Mini meet!

So this fall, mine and milk_bun's friend Aimee came to visit London!


I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan anymore actually but I'm always cheering for Slytherin. So it was a good chance to dress up and show our green&silver snake pride!!! Anyway seeing everything from the movies actually rekindled my passion for HP a bit! It was so fun..!!!


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Can't freaking wait for HALLOWEEN! *-*


I drew this beginning of the month and forgot about it ;;

There's already been a lot of coverage about the J et J event I went to so I'm not gonna repeat stuff. The venue was lovely ♥ Too bad 90% of my photos are really blurry, my iphone doesn't do so well taking pictures indoors.
I wasn't too happy with my co-ord I wore to that, I literally planned everything for the JetJ Star Money OP and it didn't arrive in time, haha. That'll teach me to not have a backup pff! XD

Everyone else looked super amazing though and I was so shocked I won the GLB Illustration contest.

Currently been busy making stuff for exhibitions and getting together a new website for http://www.werepop.com ...Apparently my website layout designs so far are "so early 2000s" *sob* ;A; This is taking longer than I expected haha.

Been addicted to snapeee app lately. My username is marbmallow if anyone wants to add me! I'll add you back :D ♥

Okay bring on October + Halloween! I'm so excited for it!!
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Lollipop @ the V&A Museum

Waowww so today was the Lollipop lolita event, kindly hosted by the V&A museum!

I chose to wear my AP Country of Sweets set! This is actually my first time wearing it out...it's really quite comfy and I love the cut of it! So flattering (*-*)
This photo was taken in the toilets at my work place! I work in a pretty busy and modern office, but today was the first time a lot of colleagues saw me in more extravagant lolita...but no one was surprised or shocked at all! That was pretty cool, maybe I'll wear more outfits to work :D

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Managed to get some dream prints this month!! I hope payment goes through smoothly for everything! ♥
(I guess I gotta sell some stuff to make up for them though Q_Q But to acquire a dream print is amazing to me!!)

Next week I'm going to see Grimes and Two Door Cinema Club live!!! I'm really excited! So many good bands and musicians doing lives here lately though, I can't afford them all ;_; Had to sacrifice the chance to see some other bands I really like waaaah...

Oh and I finished watching Game of Thrones season 2! Man I love this series, I cannot wait for season 3 for some Joffrey ass-kicking lol :D

Sorry I didn't post much lately...I've been soooo busy making work for exhibitions! *dying* I hope I get them done in time! @__@;

What else has everyone been up to?
Take care!!!
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Angelic Photoshoot

I did a mini photoshoot at home for Lockshop's good/evil contest!

My final entry ended up being full of photoshop and derp hahaha... It was actually just a draft I was messing around with but then I merged and saved over my raw file without thinking, so I ended up using it in the contest because I didn't have time to re-edit hahaha XD;


If you like my derpy entry for whatever reason, please vote for it in the contest by clicking 'like' here!

I don't think I'm gonna win, some of the entries I voted for are really amazing and these contests generally turn out to be a big popularity contest, but it was fun to make the shoot anyways hehehe :D

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Also did a new drawing over at My Werepop Tumblr!

Marceline and Bubblegum are so cute! I love them ♥

Can't wait for the May V&A museum meetup! (I'm actually going to probably wear my angelic outfit again if it doesn't rain >_< I can't get enough of Holy Night Story! So comfy!)

Hope everyone's well! ♥
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Hyper Japan 2012 ♥

Sorry I've been slow to post lately...
Work has been busy! I had a great birthday, wowww~~~ I think it was the best birthday ever!!! I feel really lucky to have such amazing friends, colleagues, family and boyfriend.
I got an iPhone 4s for my birthday, I was using a really shitty INQ mobile before for 2 years so...wow, this is amazing technology to me XD; I'm really intimidated by it hahaha! If anyone knows any good apps I should get, please let me know! ♥

Also went to Hyper Japan! It was okay this year, kinda crowded...I bought some jewellery, an artbook, picture frame and some penguin slippers :B

I wore Chess Chocolate on Friday and Whip Magic on Sunday.

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Distant Worlds ♥

Last night was the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert at Royal Albert Hall!
I bought tickets around a year ago and they totally sold out right after they went on sale so I was really looking forward to this for a long long time *__*! It seemed kinda surreal the date had finally come after waiting so long...

I wore Chess Chocolate OP in brown to the event...
I'm still looking for the headbow/bonnet for this dress OTL...I hope I find it eventually *-*; If anyone sees one for sale please let me know... ♥
So happy I found the chocolate crest brooch in brown in time for this co-ordinate...So lucky too, it was only $35 from shopping service yayyy...*__*;;

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Overall the event was AMAZINGGGG ♥ I was really teary eyed at some parts...I thought I'd have black tear marks all down my face hahaha...
My favourite song was To Zanarkand from FFX, though they did a slightly different rendition to it. I'm a sucker for emotional piano songs so I was a little dissapointed they didn't use much piano, but it was still a really moving piece for me ;3;

The conductor asked Nobuo Uematsu to sing for everyone at the end and Nobuo-san holds the microphone and looks at everyone...and then he goes "uh...I CAN'T!!!" and hands the mic back looking really shy! But then he agreed to sing the words "Sephiroth" in the One Winged Angel song hahahaa...XD

Overall I wish they played some more from FFIII, FFX and FFXII but the event was still really amazing. They said they will hold another one next year again in London because the response was so big so hopefully I can go again in 2012! ;3;

Happy bonfire weekend too, for everyone in UK! I wish I saw more fireworks! There wasn't much in our area ;-; (It was a kinda rainy weekend too so it wasn't so great for them...) Maybe next year!

Gaaah playing Uncharted 3 and Dark Souls at the moment...so addicted!!!
Skyrim is coming out soon too @_@; Too many good games and not enough time to play them all OTL XD
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Happy Halloween!!!

My lame-ass costume for Halloween! We only had a small apartment party with friends from work and didn't really have a chance to go out drinking this year, but it was still fun!
My male boss turned up in the skimpiest hot pants XD;;; LOL so traumatised...

And my boyfriend wore a penguin kigurumi XD

New picture I finished for Halloween!

My eyes have pretty much totally healed from the surgery! So no more glasses yayyyy *-*
I'm going back for a check up this week to make sure everything is okay.

Distant Worlds is next weekend, I totally can't wait to wear Chocolate Chess out for this!!
So excited ;~; ♥ I hope the concert will be as good as I hope!

And omg anyone who is following Walking Dead season 2 at the moment...OMGGGGG @___@ So intense. I love this series so much.

Hope everyone is having/had an awesome Halloween!
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I love 2011 ♥

Went to the Tea Party Club 4th birthday meet! It was held at the gorgeous Royal Horse Guards hotel, the staff were so lovely and attentive! And the cakes and tea were amazing ♥
I definitely want to go back sometime!

I dressed my friend Lisa up for this meet ♥ She's so adorable in lolita, I want to buy matching print so we can twin one day...Hmm..(*-*)

We look so dangerous here... "Gonna fuck you up!" faces (+_+)

Photo taken by the lovely Sophie (loominara) ♥!

Also I was really lucky to acquire a dream print this month!

Chess Chocolateeee *___*!!! I wanted it in ivory at first but when I saw the brown for sale...I caved and went for it! And I've totally fallen in love with it! I just need to get some brown and gold accessories so I can do this lovely print justice ;3; ♥ I kinda wanna try a bonnet with it too..! Excitingggg.

Ooh also I've been booked for my laser eye surgery this month @__@; It's crazy, I can't believe I'm getting it done hahaha ;; I hope it goes well ;;...
That's in 2 weekends time so I must mentally prepare myself! (I get to wear shades 24/7 after the surgery ahaha...how cool.)

Oh I also completed Catherine on PS3! I really love this game, I made a fanart for it...

God I love this game so much! Must get the other endings ♥

Hope everyone's okay!

Fall soon! Layers yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;u;~~~
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