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21st-Aug-2011 07:00 pm - *¬* My dinner smells great...
Hello all!

Updated with a new picture on my Tumblr today (n__n)

I want to get something like this as a tattoo sometime...though I'm a little scared of the pain hehehe...But I definitely want something bat related! I should design more bat girls like this ♥

The lovely people of Electric Bloom Webzine recently did an interview with me about my Werepop works! I'f you're interested in reading, please check it out here! ARTICLE

My company also launched with a new game! The Sims Social!
I don't know how many people here play Facebook games, but if you like The Sims, give it a try (^^)
I know we sneaked some lolita dresses into the clothes shop too eheheh. It's really a very fun game ♥

Yesterday I went to a Capcom hosted Street Fighter event...
I met Yoshinori Ono! Producer of the game (*A*)...

He was really happy and crazy! He signed my game for me but I forgot to bring my boyfriend's Street Fighter artbook along for signing too OTL;; ...
The event was kinda hot and smelly (as expected I guess...) But I had some good matches with people there! Kinda sucked that they were using Xbox360 controllers though...I can't play well on them at all *headdesk* ;~;
I saw the Street Fighter X Tekken game there too! I'm not a big Tekken fan though so I'm not sure if I'll get it when it comes out *_*;

Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds orchestra event is soon! (I bought my tickets a year in advance e_e..) I think I'm gonna wear AP Holy Night Story to this...I haven't had a chance to wear it out yet but it's one of my favourite prints ♥ Eeee so exciting~ (*_*)

Is anyone else going? ♥
Hope everyone has been okay! Sorry I haven't posted much these days, I've been busy with work ;3;... I'll try to catch up!!
30th-Jul-2011 09:10 pm - Hello! ♥ Awesome July!!

My artwork for this book is out!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (*__*) I totally forgot about it but when I went into a comic store I saw it on the shelf...It's my first time to see it in real life so it's really exciting ♥
Here is the link to Amazon for it if anyone is interested in getting it: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Cute-Chibis-Draw-Paint-Joanna/dp/1844486885/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1312055956&sr=8-3

I worked with some very talented writers and artists on this so I can vouch the quality and information inside is very accurate and useful for anyone learning to draw/animate! (>w<)

I watched a movie called Atonement recently... it came out in 2007 so it's pretty old, but lately I'm really into Joe Wright's movies so I thought I'd give this a try...! I'm in love with his vintagey cinematography. Anyway it totally devastated me, I was depressed from it for almost a week =__=' But it's one of the most beautiful WWII dramas I have ever seen (I'm so interested in reading about The Blitz, especially moreso since I moved to live in London) so I was really touched by this ;__;...I even changed my LJ icon to Atonement so I will never forget it OTL OTL... If you ever want to watch a really beautiful sad movie, this is a good one to watch, I guess XD;;;


Recently I started a new art Tumblr site!...
WARNING: It might be a little NSFW, there's a lot of boobies and pin-ups ^^'

→→→ http://www.werepop.com ←←←

I made some tshirt designs and wanted to dedicate a website to this style...
If you're into this, please check it out and follow me ^-^! It's quite new so still needs a lot of work and refining I guess...

I'll post some pictures of the tshirt details later! I just need to do some test orders and see how they look on different colour materials e__e;;

How has everyone's summer been?

I feel sad I didn't BBQ much =_= I promised myself I'd have a summer full of sunshine and BBQs! Grrrr!

Take Care All! Love and Peace!☆
7th-Jun-2011 10:07 am(no subject)
Hiii ♥

Been a while! I've been kinda busy and haven't been wearing lolita again until recently TAT;;
Went to London Expo with a friend and dressed her up in lolita with me (mwahahaha)..We had a lot of fun and many dorky photos were taken!

It was my first time wearing my mint Little Bear's Cafe co-ord out!
I rarely wear mintxpink but it's really becoming one of my favourite colours...It's sooo fun looking! (*^*)

....My friend tried to take a photo with Alien after this and he squeezed her and growled and she screamed XD

Derpy Photo CutCollapse )

This cute bag I bought finally arrived (*-*) It's from Pink Candy and it's so roomy and cute!!
Only thing that bugs me is the zipper is white... Why did they do this instead of brown...? (TAT);; Looks kinda odd but overall I'm really happy with the bag! I wanted it for sooo long ♥
28th-Feb-2011 11:00 pm - Birthdayyyy ^-^ ♥ Hello 2011!
It's been a while since I updated (again ;;...sorry.../.\)
On February 12th it was my birthday. I think it was my best birthday party ever ;w;! It makes me so grateful to have my wonderful friends.

My friends & boyfriend got me my favourite strawberry+marzipan cake from Pauls ;¬; So yummyyyyy ~ ♥

I haven't been wearing much lolita lately... I think maybe my pink phase is slowly coming to an end xD (But I'm still obsessed with pink! Just not so much 100% head-to-toe completely pink anymore.)
I've started collecting some red items, maybe one day I'll have enough to make a co-ordinate to wear out...

Me and my boyfriend went on holiday to Hong Kong for New Years. We saw a lot of beautiful scenes! (it's so warm over there! I can't believe this is their 'winter'...)
♥ Hong Kong photo dump ♥Collapse )

Anyway it was an awesome way to start 2011! I think this year will be a great year for us all ♥! n_n
I'll try and update more often...

...I can't wait for Dragon Age 2 to come out!!! ♥♥♥
26th-Sep-2010 09:59 pm - ♥ Mid Autumn Festival ♥

Celebrated Mid Autumn festival ♥
I ate waaay too much moon cake... (>w<);;; Gotta work this off later...
It was my boyfriend's first time eating mooncake and he enjoyed it! (Though he seemed to favour the lotus paste much more than the icky duck egg inside xD)

Two OutfitsCollapse )

Anyone else celebrate Mid Autumn Festival/eat mooncake? X3
29th-Aug-2010 05:31 pm - The weather is getting colder...

A small drawing for fun...

I bought some cakes from a really cute store called Candy Cakes.
I realise their Candy Cakes logo matches my nail varnish hehe (*w*)
Strawberry Pink for me, Banana Penguin for Rik ♥ OTL It's ironic I find this store on my way home from the dentist to treat my cavity though ¦D

☆ New things...☆Collapse )

I'm getting a bit better at Super Street Fighter IV xD... So many awesome games coming out soon, I can't wait!
(LittleBIGPlanet2, Castlevania and Last Guardian ♥)

What is everyone up to nowadays (*__*)
1st-Jun-2010 04:45 pm - End of May Weekend ♥
A lot happened on the weekend! I had so much fun, but it was also very tiring..

SaturdayCollapse )

SundayCollapse )

On Monday it was bank holiday so me, Rik, Nori and Karsh went to dim sum restaurant. I haven't eaten any in so long I was so happy. They ran out of egg tarts though ;w; My favourite OTL...
But the rest of the food was really tasty and I love chinese tea ♥

Rik ordered Super Street Fighter IV for me on PS3! Finally I can play online...! I'm so late to the game but I think my main chara will be Juri ☆ I need to get training (^^)

Now it is June! Another exciting month awaits...!

What did everyone do on the weekend? (^^) ♥
25th-May-2010 07:08 pm - ♥ Happy Summer! ♥
Hi friends! ♥

As you can see, I'm still updating my layout so it's kinda funky-looking still OTL...
But hopefully soon it will be finished, I don't understand how coding in LJ works ahhh~
Can you tell my LJ banner is actually made from two separate photos? I thought that was some pretty sneaky photoshopping...! *ninja*.

Lately the weather has been so nice! I've been hanging out with Nori, Karsh and Rik...
Karsh brought some really nice cakes over that I took a photo of...but didn't realise my camera had no SD card in OTL (=__=); So no photos, I'm sorry...I feel really disappointed about that, I love collecting photos of nice food I've eaten~ Oh well (>3<);;...

Nori and Rik want to make games together so I'm really excited about this! Now I have *two* codemonkeys kekeke~~ In my dreams, we will one day make an indie game team together, that will be so cool, all our styles are so different, I think we can make an interesting blend when we influence each other (^^)
Nori told me he knew the original maker of 3D Dot Hero and showed me his game in Famitsu magazine...I was like "Whoaaaa Oh my God! I didn't know... Σ( ̄ロ ̄|||)!" It feels like I know a celebrity...☆

I have two new books out in time for summer ♥

Photos of my new babies under here (;3;)/ ♥Collapse )

Hmm~ Recently, because some people on my friends list expressed interested in my cookie recipe, I share the link to it:
http://community.livejournal.com/egl/15426416.html (^^) Happy baking ♥

I got a Wii Fit Plus for summer so I can lose some pounds and fit into things I want to wear! (>w<)
Gogogooo~ ☆
20th-Apr-2010 01:29 pm - Fatal Frame 4 Art Post


This was a belated birthday present from Fehed *^*
I've wanted this game for a really really long time, but it's so difficult to find!
I'm a big fan of the series, so finally getting Fatal Frame 4 made me really happy ♥

The story is about a girl who lost her memories of when she was young. She was kidnapped with 4 other girls who also have lost their memories. But gradually those girls started dying, so the main character, Ruka goes back to her childhood place to investigate...
I had a lot of fun playing this! A lot of moments were so scary ;;

Here is the trailer: (Not for the faint hearted!)

I think it might be actually the scariest game I've ever played!...And since I'm one to actually seek out horror titles out for the scares, that's saying a lot O^O

I loved this game so much I was on a fanart spree for it...
So here is some of my Fatal Frame 4 fanworks ♥

Fatal Frame 4 FanartCollapse )

What game is everyone on friendlist playing at the moment?

Thanks for looking! *_*
Bai baii friends~! ♥
23rd-Feb-2010 12:38 am - ☆ 21st Birthday! ☆

I turned 21! I feel really determined to do some things I will be proud of this year.

Super Birthday! (`・ω・´)Collapse )

Also Rik made me a quiz game for my birthday! He drew pictures of all the things I like or we have a significant memory of *__*)


I'm stuck on the last 3 items and he won't give me clues OTL...But I'm so happy he did this for me ♥__♥) Aaaah, I love my boy!
If you guess what they are please tell me! I don't even know hahaha...but I want to know what I'm missing that I can't think of...

Speaking of games, on Demon's Souls I am level 95 now (´―`)! But this is my second playthrough...My first playthrough I got the bad ending (stupid me, murdering NPCs) so I don't get the uber powerful spell or trophy for completing the game =__=) Arghhh I have to start over.
And I can't wait for Heavy Rain!!! I'm so excited! I never anticipate a game this much before...
I hope it is as good as Farenheit ♥

I'm playing Resident Evil 5 again! Sheva's fairytale outfit is so cute...She is so sexy! =3=) I stare at her butt while she is running... *envyenvy*

Hope my friends are all well!!
Bai baiii! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♡
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