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<<Stars in their eyes // Layout version 0.4>>

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Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ
12 February 1989
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Hii! I'm Marby ♥
I'm from London, UK.
I mostly dress sweet style lolita.

If you want to add me please feel free to, but please tell me in a comment where you found me from, otherwise I won't know who you are and won't add you back ;_;

GAME: LittleBIGPlanet, Fatal Frame (Project Zero), Metal Gear Solid Series, Monster Hunter, Dragon Age.
MOVIE: ZOMBIELAND, Tekkon Kinkreet, Spirited Away and The Lost Boys...man those mullets... *hff hff*
ARTIST: Yoji Shinkawa & Ashley Wood for their amazing art on Metal Gear Series.
ANIME: Paradise Kiss, Ghost Hunt...I don't really watch anime now, sorry...
MANGA: Kuroshitsuji, Death Note and Tarot Cafe.
MUSIC: Too many I love @_@ But mainly Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine, Ladytron, Aural Vampire, Hadouken! and Franz Ferdinand.
BOOK: Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, Anne Rice's Cry to Heaven and Darren Shan Saga.
BRAND: Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose and SEX POT ReVeNGe
STYLE: Sweet pastel colours make me happyyy, glittery bling, as well as wacky fonts, engrish profane slogans from SPR ♥ ;w;

poupeegirl fashion brand community



~~~angelic pretty wishlist~~~
Twinkle Carnival in black x gold

~~~metamorphose wishlist~~~
Candy Star Rabbit in navy
Night of Masquerade in navy + bonnet

Please note: Some of these sites might contain mature content~

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